2020 Lite Workshops

7th-9th Feb - Sue Simpson

28th Feb-1st Mar - Ann High

13th-15th Mar - Paul Wells

1st-3rd May - Chris Malcomson

17th-19th Jul - Tine Krijnen

21st-23rd Aug - Sue Simpson

26th-27th Sep - Treacle Lane

30th Oct-1st Nov - Geoff Wonnacott

14th-15th November - Lindsey Gedge

Come and join us for a long weekend of fun, making miniatures with a friendly group of like-minded people. Our aim is to offer something for everyone from complete beginners to the most experienced miniaturists.


Choose from a great selection of classes taught by some of the top miniaturists in the UK and overseas. Meet up with old friends and make new ones, ​start the creative juices flowing and get ready for three full days of...

                                                                                                      ...making miniatures and making friends!

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